Re(h)able provides evidenced based best practise to assist our patients to reach their goals for health and life. We do this, in their own homes, at their place of work or in their communities.

We are committed to the rehabilitation of our patients back to the activities that give their life meaning. Being part of the process, seeing our patients step closer to their goals is a privilege.

It is the essence of who we are; it’s our name. Re. Rehab. Able.

Re(h)able is your local mobile service provider. Your community is our community too.

Re(h)able was developed to meet the rehabilitation needs of our local people and businesses. We are committed to building and strengthening our communities together.

Belinda, the founder of Re(h)able completed her physiotherapy degree at Auckland University of Technology in 2004, working in New Zealand in several healthcare capacities and where she found a passion for helping improve the lives and mobility of her local community and embedded this into her treatment culture.  Upon migrating to Australia in 2008 she has worked in Brisbane, Queensland prior to settling in South East Melbourne, Victoria, gaining valuable experiences, mentorships and a diverse knowledge base along the way. Belinda has a broad range of community experience from acute physiotherapy, rehabilitation to occupational health services. Re(h)able is a combination of these experiences, her values and passions. It is her answer to health and life.